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Publications of L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

How to Find God Again
Taking the Path to God's Open Heart

C.H. Spurgeon and L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.

Available June 24, 2015


The Works of Charles G. Finney
Finney's Principles Series
Nineteen Books in the Series
from 1980 to the Present
with Bethany House Publishers & Agion Press

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Principles of Righteousness:
Finney's Lessons on Romans, Volume I

Principles of Peace:
Finney's Lessons on Romans: Volume II

Principles of Joy in the Holy Spirit:
Finney’s Lessons on Romans, Volume III

The Finney and Spurgeon
Face to Face Series

1. The Rich Man and Lazarus

2. The Sower and the Seed

3. Will the Will of God When You Pray

4. The Prodigal Son

5. The Greatest Treasure

6. The Mary and Martha Matrix

7. How All Things Work

8. The Cause and Cure of Spiritual Blindness

The Prayer Steps Series
with Agion Press
Prayer Steps to Serenity:
Daily Quiet Time Edition

Prayer Steps to Serenity
The Twelve Steps Journey:
New Serenity Prayer Edition

Prayer Steps to Christmas:
Daily Quiet Time Edition

Biographies of Francis and Edith Schaeffer

How God Teaches Us To Pray
Lessons from the Lives of
Francis and Edith Schaeffer

Francis and Edith Schaeffer:
Expanded and Updated Edition

Out of Print

Francis Schaeffer:
the Man and His Message

with Tyndale House Publishers

Francis A. Schaeffer:
Portraits of the Man and His Work

(writer of one of the portraits)
Lane T. Dennis, Editor

The Art of Life
Edith Schaeffer
Compiled and Edited by
L.G. Parkhurst, Jr.
with Crossway Books

Online Recovery Resources

Prayer Steps to Serenity

Celebrate Serenity

Serenity Groups

Online Bible Study Resources

International Bible Lesson Forum

International Bible Lessons Commentary

A Psalm and A Prayer
For Private and Public Devotions

Serenity Seeds
Psalms and Prayers for Peace

Thru the Bible in Thirty Weeks

Small Church Resources

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Louis Gifford (L.G.) Parkhurst, Jr. received the
BA, MA, and MLIS degrees from the
Univerity of Oklahoma
and the MDiv degree from Prinecton Theological Serminary.
He has written the weekly Bible Lesson column for
The Oklahoman newspaper since 1989.
He is the founder and publisher of Agion Press.