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The websites featured below offer FREE materials, programs, and resources for churches of all sizes, Bible study groups, Sunday school classes, fellowship groups, prayer and support groups, and others. Since these resources are offered free of charge, the websites are supported by advertising links, but that does not mean that all advertisements are endorsed by these websites.

All of the websites featured below contain materials and resources that are consistent with historic, Biblical Christianity, such as, The Apostles Creed, and also affirm that the Bible is the infallible word of God — true in all that it affirms. Indeed, as The Lausanne Covenant states:”We affirm the divine inspiration, truthfulness and authority of both Old and New Testament Scriptures in their entirety as the only written word of God, without error in all that it affirms, and the only infallible rule of faith and practice.”

For Bible Study Groups and Sunday School Classes:

International Bible Lessons

These Bible Studies follow the Uniform Lessons Series. Published early each Saturday morning in The Oklahoman newspaper, they are also published at the International Bible Lessons website with Discussion Questions for class use or private study. Three easy to print formats are provided for each lesson: an easy to read format for teachers to use as a discussion starter or closer with five questions, and bulletin size (with or without questions) for placement in church bulletins or Bibles for taking home for further study. Some use the Bible Lesson bulletin inserts for people to take home and for mid-week Bible study groups.

Bible Lesson Forum

Verse by verse Bible Commentary on each of the International Bible Lessons for teacher preparation and students who want to study each verse of the Bible Lesson more deeply. Published early each week, the Bible Lesson Forum commentaries include the discussion questions that will be available later on the International Bible Lessons website. The early publication of the verse by verse commentary and questions helps teachers who want to prepare earlier in the week. The site also offers an easy to print Bible Commentary for teachers (or students) to use in class. The easy to print version is available in one size only.

Thru the Bible in Thirty Weeks

The website offers a Bible Reading Calendar and a variety of helpful resources for encouraging those in your church or group to read through the entire Bible in 30 weeks (180 days with Sunday’s off or to “catch up” on your reading). For those not ready to read the entire Bible yet, a 13 week calendar and program is available for reading Thru the New Testament. Among other resources, the Thru the Bible in Thirty Weeks website includes Daily Bible Reading Summaries of each day’s reading and an index of Bible Lessons for students and for teachers who might want to follow the suggested Preview Classes approach or design to encourage students to read thru the Bible as a church or Bible study group.

For Worship and Devotions:

A Psalm and a Prayer for Private and Public Devotions

Originally created for public worship and printed in church bulletins each week, all 150 Psalms from the Old Testament are broken into helpful, bulletin length Responsive Readings followed by a short prayer (also for a church bulletin). The prayers in A Psalm and A Prayer can be concluded with the Lord’s Prayer as some churches do. Some have also found these shortened psalms to be useful to read (non-responsively), along with the prayer, prior to a Bible study or Sunday school class meeting. They can also be used for private devotions each day. Because some of the psalms are quite lengthy, they are broken up into shorter Responsive Readings. Shorter psalms are sometimes combined into one reading. The website gives permission for the use of these readings in church bulletins without requiring “credit,” which would normally detract from a worship bulletin.

Serenity Seeds

An effort over time to revise for private and public devotional use all of the Responsive Reading Psalms from A Psalm and A Prayer so they are not responsive in format, but actually a brief reading from a Psalm and a prayer formatted to encourage you to keep on praying with praise and thanksgiving to God.

For Christian Recovery:

Celebrate Serenity

The Celebrate Serenity for believers website offers free resources for churches and groups that want to begin a Christian recovery group for believers. Unlike the Celebrate Recovery program, the Celebrate Serenity program is based in The Twelve Steps, so it works as a helpful, Biblical supplement program for those practicing any 12 Steps recovery program. A Step-by-Step Meeting Guide (that can easily be printed for handouts) is available for free for each of 12 meetings. No registration and no fees are required, for the program is not administered by anyone: simply offered for use. The free materials and resources are available for any who choose to use them in any way they believe will be helpful. Twelve FREE chapters from Prayer Steps to Serenity The Twelve Steps Journey: New Serenity Prayer Edition for each of your twelve meetings can be read by those in your group prior to each meeting or during each meeting. The twelve chapters of the free e-book Prayer Steps to Serenity The Twelve. Steps Journey: The 12 Steps in 12 Days are in pdf format, so the type can be enlarged in your browser and the arrow keys can be used to page through the book. The Daily Quiet Time Track was designed for churches and groups that do not want to specifically study the official Twelve Steps, but that do want to learn from the 12 Steps offer from a Biblical perspective. The Daily Quiet Time Track was designed as a bridge to the 12 Steps for those in a church that do not think they need them or need a recovery program, but actually do.

Serenity Groups

The Serenity Groups for evangelistic outreach website offers free resources for churches and groups that want a program that will hopefully attract those in need who are not confessing Christians. Though based on the Bible and the book Prayer Steps to Serenity the Twelve Steps Journey: New Serenity Prayer Edition, the program was designed by name and content to attract those who need an effective 12 Steps program or want to supplement their current program. Serenity Groups offer a 12 Week Study Guide on the Serenity Prayer and a complete 12 Steps Meeting Guide for 12 Meetings. Why Serenity Groups? Because Serenity Group (singular) is an insurance program unrelated to a recovery program!

For Personal Principles:

The L’Abri Network

Some of the most important lessons that I have learned regarding the Bible, the Christian life, fellowship, and church, have been learned from personal conversations, observations, and the books of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. You can listen to audio speeches by Francis and Edith Schaeffer and also learn about two new Kindle books about their lives and their prayers. These speeches and books might be used for personal reflection and perhaps discussion by church and group leaders. The Cyber Chalet fellowship group is available online for those who would like to discuss the ideas of Francis and Edith Schaeffer and apply their principles. The Cyber Chalet offers prayer support and involves leaders of various denominations from the USA and other countries.

As they are made available, more free materials, programs, and resources for small churches and groups will be presented here at the Small Church Resources website.

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