Worthy Goals for Bible Teaching — Acts 14

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A few months ago, I decided that the International Bible Lessons Forum should be of greater help to Bible teachers, while continuing to provide an opportunity for Bible teachers and Bible students around the world to share what they were studying or teaching with one another and to asking questions about the Bible.

In Acts14:22, Luke has told us some of the most important things Paul did as Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch after their first missionary journey. In each church they visited, they gathered the new believers together and they “strengthened them” and they “encouraged them” “to remain true to the faith,” because they would “go through many hardships.”

From Acts14:22, Luke has reminded all of us to ask ourselves three questions that will give us worthy objectives or goals as we prepare our Bible Lessons.

First, let’s ask ourselves: “As I teach the Bible, how can I strengthen my students’ faith in Jesus Christ and the gospel?”

Second, “As I teach the Bible and as they trust in Him, how can I encourage my students to remain true followers of Jesus Christ?”

Third, “As I teach the Bible, how can I help my students go through or prepare them to go through the many hardships that can come from living in the kingdom of God on earth before they enter the kingdom of God in heaven?”

Finally, from Acts 14:23, we can strengthen and encourage ourselves when we remember who we are as Bible teachers?

First, we have committed ourselves to the Lord, and we hope and pray that we will pass a steadfast commitment to the Lord on to our students.

Second, we have put our trust in the Lord, and with the Lord’s help we will achieve the worthy goals that we have found from studying the Bible and Paul’s work with believers.

Be certain to read the commentaries and Bible lessons on Acts 14 in the International Bible Lessons Commentary.

May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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For the love of God's Word,
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