A Tragedy for a Teacher — Matthew 2

In Matthew 2, we read that King Herod and all Jerusalem were disturbed when they learned that the Messiah had been born and wise men had come to worship Him. Then King Herod called all the chief priests and teachers of the law to tell him where the Messiah was to be born. King Herod wanted to know where Jesus was born to kill Him. Sadly, the chief priests and teachers of the law who knew the Scriptures well enough to teach them showed no interest at all in finding and worshiping Jesus, their Messiah, a tragedy for a teacher.

As we continue to study the Scriptures and become better teachers, let’s avoid the tragedy of losing interest in Jesus, our Savior, and failing to worship Him, our Lord. As we teach the Bible, let’s also find ways to help our students seek a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus and seek to worship Him, our Savior.

What ways do you suggest so we can avoid this tragedy for teachers and achieve these purposes for our students and ourselves.

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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For the love of God's Word,

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