Important Choices of God, Ruth, and Ourselves

The Bible does not tell us all that we would like to know, but we do know that God and Ruth made some important choices—and we have too.

God chose Ruth, a Moabite, to be His way of caring for Naomi after her husband and sons died in Moab. God chose Ruth to believe in Him, learn to obey the Law of God, and become a member of the people of God. God chose Ruth to be the husband of Boaz, to care for Boaz and to provide security for Naomi and herself. God chose Ruth to be the great grandmother of King David and an ancestor of His own Son, Jesus the Messiah.

Ruth chose to go with Naomi from Moab to Judah in order to care for her mother-in-law. Ruth chose to turn from her Moabite family and her false gods in order to turn to the LORD, to trust in the LORD, and to obey the Law of God, the Law of Love. Ruth chose to love Naomi, her God, and her people. Ruth chose to work hard, long, hot hours gleaning wheat and then barley to provide for her poverty-stricken mother-in-law and herself. Ruth chose to live a virtuous life that commended herself to Boaz and all those who knew her or had heard of her in Bethlehem. Ruth chose to obey her mother-in-law and seek Boaz as her kinsman redeemer.

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that God works in our lives to achieve His purposes and to help us love and care for others. The longer we live the Christian life, the more we realize that it is a true miracle of God’s grace that we love God, love His Son, love the Holy Spirit, love the Bible, love obeying Jesus, and love fellowship with the people of God; whereas, some, like Orpha, have turned back to their false gods.

At the same time, we know that we faced difficult choices along the way to faith in God and obedience to the commands of Jesus, just as Ruth faced difficult choices and tried to do the right thing. We know that we have not always made the right choices, and Ruth may have made some wrong choices along the way—we are not told all her choices in the Bible. We know that despite our sins, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection God can forgive us and make us new people. Some of us have made choices that we know drastically changed the course of our lives, and we thank God that He has worked with us to help us follow Him to a different place where we can still serve Jesus and help others wherever our different courses have led us.

We may not know the mysterious ways of God’s working, but we do know God is making choices and working in and with us. We do not know how the Holy Spirit can use the truth of God in the Bible to lead us and others to saving faith in Jesus Christ and to a daily walk that is pleasing to God. We do know that we have struggled at times against the world, the flesh, and the devil to make the right choices and remain true to God, and we do know that apart from the work of the Holy Spirit we inevitably make the wrong choices. Thankfully, we do know that God has been faithful to us, even when we have not been faithful to God. We praise and thank God when God has brought us back to faithful obedience despite our faithless ways.

As people of faith, we may not know how God works, but we know that as we pray for others and share our faith and express what the Bible means to us, or as we teach a Bible class or preach a sermon that the Holy Spirit can use the truth of God to bless those who learn about Jesus. Brothers and sisters, let us pray for one another and for our teaching the Bible wherever we live!

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May God continue to bless your Bible study and teaching and encourage you by His Word and Spirit!

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