Preparing to Meet Jesus — John 1

John the Baptist came to prepare people to meet Jesus by telling them to repent of their sins and be baptized. Andrew and John were two of John the Baptist’s disciples who were the first to follow Jesus. They had prepared themselves to meet Jesus as John had preached; therefore, they recognized Jesus as the Son of God when John told them Jesus was also the Lamb of God.

What did their repentance and baptism reveal? These two acts revealed that they had resolved to do the will of God. Why is resolving to do the will of God important? In John 7:17, Jesus declared, “Anyone who resolves to do the will of God will know whether my teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own.” Because they had resolved to do the will of God and had prepared themselves to meet Jesus, Jesus called them to be His first two disciples. As His prepared disciples, they knew when they heard Jesus teach that His teaching was from God and they began to follow Him.

How do we prepare ourselves to understand the Bible and learn the truth about Jesus? First and foremost, we must come to the Bible with the resolve that we will do the will of God as we learn the will of God. In the same way, when we study the Bible, when we prepare to teach the Bible, and when we prepare to go to a Bible study or worship service, we need to go with the resolve that we will do the will of God as we learn the will of God. If we go to the Bible for personal study, or to a Bible study, or to a worship service with the resolve to do the will of God, we will more easily learn new truths, understand old truths better, and recognize whether the teaching we are hearing from others is true to the Bible or not.

If we are seeking God or seeking to know Jesus more personally or desiring to love our heavenly Father and Jesus more deeply, then the way to do so is to come before God in our prayers with the commitment to do the will of God if He will teach us His will. If we are teaching the Bible, our effectiveness will depend in large part on our commitment to faithfully teach the Bible and on our listener's commitment to do the will of God when they study our lesson from the Bible.

Andrew and John eventually began to see how people divided over Jesus and His teaching, because some just did not want to prepare themselves to meet Jesus and others simple did not want to do the will of God.

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