How Bible Teachers are Like Mary

Those who sincerely want to teach the truth of the Bible to others are like Mary. God prepared Mary in advance to be the mother of Jesus the Messiah. When you think it is important to teach the Bible to others so they can learn the truth about Jesus Christ, that may be an indication that God has prepared and is preparing you to be a teacher and will continue to help you study and teach the Bible.

Those who feel and think God has called them to teach the Bible may be afraid of failure, but what the angel said to Mary can also give assurance to beginning (and even long-time) teachers. If you have an inclination or feel called to teach, “You have found favor with God.”

The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and she became a different person after she conceived the Son of God. The Holy Spirit indwells Christian teachers and students, so they become different people. The Holy Spirit will help teachers teach and help students learn.

The Holy Spirit led Mary to see Elizabeth and Zechariah so she could be encouraged and learn more about God’s plans for John and Jesus after they grew up. Through these sincere believers, God gave Mary and Joseph assurance that Mary indeed had learned the truth from the angel Gabriel. God will send sincere believers to teachers (sometimes these believers will be their own students) to encourage teachers and give them the assurance that they are doing God’s will as they sincerely try to teach others the truth of the Bible.

After Gabriel told Mary what God had planned, she replied, “I am the Lord’s servant.” Bible teachers are like Mary because they see themselves as the Lord’s servant.

God will provide every Bible teacher all they need to teach, and God will be with every Bible teacher. God will provide what teachers and students need to learn the truth about Jesus, just as God provided the truth for Zechariah, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Joseph so they could learn the truth about Jesus.

Perhaps you can think of some other ways Bible teachers are like Mary.

For the love of God’s Word,
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