More Ways Bible Teachers Can Be Like Mary

From this week’s Bible lesson, we learn more ways that Bible Teachers can be like Mary (as a good example). 

1. They hurry to learn more about the Bible (what God has said) — Luke 1:39 
2. They are eager to learn from others and treat others with respect — Luke 1:40 
3. The Holy Spirit can bless others from their presence and teaching — Luke 1:41 
4. As teachers, they are blessed by others — Luke 1:42 
5. Others feel blessed or favored by their presence and teaching — Luke 1:43 
6. They bring others joy — Luke 1:44 
7. They believe God’s promises — Luke 1:45 
8. They glorify the Lord — Luke 1:46 
9. They rejoice that God is their Savior — Luke 1:47 
10. They are humble and know teaching God’s Word is a great honor — Luke 1:48 

Can you find more ways Bible Teachers can be like Mary in Luke 1:49-56?

Can you think of some of Bible teachers that you have or have had that show forth some of these qualities of Mary?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the IBL Forum below.

May God bless your Bible study and teaching during this joyful Christmas time of year and into 2017! 

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