Challenge Your Class for a NEW YEAR!

Challenge your Bible study group or Sunday School class or yourself to read through the Bible in thirty weeks or through the New Testament in thirteen weeks. By reading larger portions of the Scriptures each day, you will understand God's Word in a larger context. All of the materials for reading through the Bible are FREE and easy to print out and give to your class each week to encourage them to keep on reading with each Bible reading calendar handout.

Learn more details about how to read Through the Bible in Thirty Weeks.

See the calendar to read Through the Bible in Thirty Weeks for a study group or for preaching through the Bible.

The Group Bible Reading Calendars suggest that a leader, teacher, pastor, or preacher share a message based on the previous week’s readings during a Sunday morning worship service or Sunday evening Bible study.

Sometimes students are not ready to read through the whole Bible at one time, so your class may want to begin by reading through the the New Testament, and then read through the Old Testament. See the calendar to read Through the New Testament in Thirteen Weeks.

Finally, to get the most from your reading, if you have additional study time or quiet time, to help you better remember what your have read each day (and for study, teaching, and review later) print out the notebook pages for the daily Bible readings and Create Your Own Bible Study Book of study or teaching notes. The Notebook Cover can be printed and given to each person along with the notebook pages they can use for writing their reading summaries [sample summary page, sample completed summary page]. Many will find great satisfaction in reading and writing through the Bible, and with a three-hold punch these pages can be put into a notebook.

May God bless your Bible study and teaching in this New Year!

For the love of God's Word,

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