Begin Preparing Your Students to Study Galatians this Sunday

Many of you teach the International Bible Lessons without student study books. One way to help your students prepare for class on February 5 (and every week) is by giving them a Study Guide. Give them a Study Guide for Galatians this Sunday, January 29. 

Choose: Class Preparation Guide for Galatians 3:26-4:7 - February 5, 2017. 

Give the Guide to each student at the end of class on January 29, and ask them to use the Guide as they prepare for the Bible Lesson on February 5.

Ask them to bring their completed Study Guide back to class on February 5.

You might tell your class that this is an experiment for the month of February as they study Galatians; then, at the end of the month the class can decide if they found this method helpful to them and the class. If so, you can use the Class Preparation Guides prepared in advance each month.

All of the Class Preparation Guides for Galatians for February are currently available. 

The Class Preparation Guide will encourage your students to read the Bible Lesson text in advance, choose the most meaningful verse from the Bible Lesson for them (or the verse that leaves them with the most questions), and encourage them to answer five questions about the Bible Lesson. 

To help you prepare to discuss these five questions in class, on each webpage by Bible Translation each week, you will find: Study Hints for Discussion and Thinking Further. Print out these Study Hints for yourself in advance.

To help you, if your class has questions about a verse, you can use the International Bible Lesson Commentary at as a secondary source. If you do not have a satisfactory answer during class time, you can tell the class that you will try to find the answer. 

Send your students’ questions here to the Forum, and we will try to answer them by class time next week, if we get the questions early enough in the week.

May God bless your study and teaching of Galatians next month!

For the Love of God’s Word,

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