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End of Class Summaries and Beginning of Class Reviews

In my last post on the Forum, I suggested that you consider sharing "Five Takeaways" or lesson applications with your class toward the end of class. You will probably want to modify these or add your own to them that reflect your class needs or your local situation. Probably, no one knows your class and your local situation better that you do.

Last night, it occurred to me that at some point as you begin your class the next week that you could use these "Five Takeaways" and/or your own applications and say something like this: "You remember last week we discussed [and then list the 'Five Takeaways']. Do any of you have any questions about last week's lesson and how to apply it? This week, we are going to learn about [The Scripture Lesson for that week]."

Perhaps some of you could share how you begin and end your classes and how you transition from week to week.Remember, if your students have particular or unusual questions about a lesson topic, please share them with us for discussion. Thanks!

For the Love of God's Word,
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