Truths for Teachers from THE Teacher in John 3:1-16

1. Like the teacher Nicodemus, we do not know everything; but we know the One who knows everything, so we teach people about Jesus.

2. The Bible does not explain or tell us everything we want to know, but the Bible tells us the truth and the truth about the One Who is the Truth, Jesus.

3. Because God loves the world, He sent Jesus to be our Teacher, Sacrifice, Savior, and Lord, and Jesus has sent us to teach others about Him and God’s love for them.

4. Teachers teach because they love Jesus, Bible study, and their students, and they know their students need to know more about Jesus and the Bible’s teachings.

5. When we teach others about Jesus from the Bible, we make an eternal difference in the lives of our students, and teaching together we can make a difference in our world.

Please share with us on the Forum some additional Truths for Teachers that you have learned from your Bible study and experience as a teacher.

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For the love of God's Word,

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