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Helping Our Students Remember Our Lessons

Some ideas to consider: 

1. At the end of class ask: “How can we apply what we have learned today to our lives?”
Give some applications you have thought about.
Consider sharing some of the applications from the IBL Commentary website. 

2. Puzzles will help our students associate key words and thoughts with the Bible Lesson as an aid to memory. For example, if they see the word Jonah or Fish in a Word Search or Cross Word puzzle, they will almost automatically associate the word with part of the Bible Lesson (Jonah=Nineveh, fish or whale, disobeyed God or Fish=swallowed Jonah, punishment, etc.). Not just the words but the event or teaching associated with those words will be thought about and remembered.

3. True and False tests are fun and simple to accomplish the same goal, but in a more obviously thoughtful way. Every time our students think about the lesson in a different way it helps them remember the lesson longer. Sometimes it is especially valuable for them to think: "That's not right!" These puzzles and tests are also available on the IBL Commentary website.

Please share with us on the Forum some additional Thoughts for Teachers that you have learned from your Bible study and experience as a teacher.

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