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How Bible Teachers are Like Ezekiel

Like Ezekiel, Bible teachers eat and digest the Word of God. They know the Word of God is the supreme source of their spiritual life and the life of their students. Just as they eat food regularly, so they study the Word of God regularly and it is sweet as honey to them.

After they have studied and spiritually digested the Word of God, they pass the Word of God on to their students. Bible teachers do not change the meaning of the Word of God to suit the desires and wishful thinking of their students, any more than Ezekiel changed the Word of God about the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the temple to satisfy the Jews who would not believe that God would ever allow such a thing to happen to His house.

God will also make Bible teachers as hardheaded as they need to be to faithfully pass on His Word to those who do not want to hear or learn what the Bible teaches.

Will you think of other ways Bible teachers are like Ezekiel and/or ways they are not and share them with the Forum?

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For the love of God's Word,

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