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A Teacher's Background and Effective Teaching: An Example From Amos

Teachers may wonder sometimes if their background makes them suitable to be a teacher. From reading the Bible, we see that God can use a dedicated teacher or preacher no matter what their background. Amos was a farmer, a shepherd, a tender of sycamore-fig trees; which qualified him to be a prophet and teacher far above others, for he had practical experiences in everyday life and a relationship with the true God that the priests in Israel lacked. Furthermore, God called him to be a prophet and teacher so the people of Israel would learn about the true God and quit worshiping the idols set up by the king and endorsed by their priests.

Teachers who have dedicated their lives to serving the true God and teaching the Bible have been called by God, and God will make available to them the resources they need to teach the truth about God and the Bible to others. These teachers can often draw examples from their background that will make their teaching come alive and be more relevant to their students, especially those students whose education and religious experiences have been similar to the Israelites in Amos' day. Like Amos, if a dedicated teacher is told to stop teaching the true Word of God, they will find a way to keep sharing the truth of God with others, for the Lord Jesus will lead them to find the way and the students who need to learn the truths they can teach.

For the love of God's Word,

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