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A Teacher’s Goals — The Example of Philip

The Ethiopian believed the Scriptures, but he asked Philip, “How can I understand [what I am reading] unless someone explains it to me?” 

If our students do not believe the Scriptures, one of our goals is to help them understand the Scriptures so they can believe the Scriptures. 

Because the Ethiopian believed the Scriptures but did not understand what he was reading, the Lord Jesus sent him a teacher to help him. Together, the Holy Spirit and Philip helped the Ethiopian understand what he believed and was reading. Bible teachers are sent by Jesus.

As teachers, we study the Scriptures and pray for the Holy Spirit to help us teach, so we will understand what our students need to know; so they too will understand the Scriptures with the Holy Spirit’s help. 

Once the Ethiopian understood the Scriptures, he immediately wanted to obey the Scriptures, and the Lord Jesus made that possible. On that desert or wilderness road, I believe the Lord Jesus performed a miracle and created a place with enough water for the Ethiopian and Philip to go down into the water so the Ethiopian could be baptized. Sometimes the Lord Jesus will work "unseen" or "seen" miracles to help us and our students obey Him. 

One of our goals as teachers is to encourage our students to obey all they understand from the Bible as they are learning, and the Lord Jesus will help them do so, even as He helped the Ethiopian obey Him immediately. 

We need to encourage our students to obey what they are learning from the Scriptures as they are growing in their understanding, because if they do not obey Him, the Lord will not open their understanding to learning more from the Scriptures. Disobedience of the Scriptures hinders spiritual growth and deeper understanding of the Word of God.

For the love of God's Word,
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