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From my last newsletter to members of the Forum (this website), I learned that some of you did not know about the companion International Bible Lessons Commentary website with all the activities and handouts that are also available. Both are based on the International Sunday School Lessons [ISSL], also known as the Uniform Lesson Series.

The International Bible Lessons Commentary includes five easy-print commentaries using five different Bible translations [KJV, ESV, NASB, NIV, NRSV], student handouts, and many other resources that are also available in large-print editions for those in your class as well as teachers. You can get the commentaries, lessons and resources at

The International Bible Lessons Forum encourages discussion, questions, and answers among Bible Teachers and Students of the Bible. On the Forum, people can share with one another what they are leaning and teaching and also ask questions regarding each week's lesson. The Forum theme for this year is: "What Does This Bible Lesson say to Me as a Teacher?" You can get to the Forum (this website) at TheIBLF,com.

When you register and become a member of The IBLF, you are added to the newsletter mailing list, and you should receive an automatic reply with your login and password so you can submit discussion ideas and questions on the Forum.

I hope new visitors as well as long-time members will find this information helpful.

May God bless your Bible study and/or teaching.

For the Love of God's Word,
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